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Water & Wax | Artists in the Schools

water and wax

Over the next week I’ll be teaching six Artists in the Schools session at elementary schools across town.  Today, I kicked off the marathon with a Water and Wax session with a group of first grade students.


The idea behind this session is to teach students a little science in with the art project–and to make something cool.  We discussed the absorption property of water–how it sometimes soaks in to things, and other times rolls off a surface.  Then I covered the fact that crayons, made of wax, repel water and led in to the project.


As you may imagine–if you’ve ever worked with elementary school kids–that getting the instructions out to a group of first graders was much more challenging in person than typing the words here on the blog.  There was a lot of restlessness while the teacher and I tag-teamed to get papers taped to desks.  Once they were down there was peeling of tape…and retaping…and a few threats of revoked participation rights.


Once the paper was out I heard this:

“Once we have a paper can we start?”

I hadn’t even shown them the example.


I explained our first step–find a light colored crayon.  Not white–because we need to see our lines.  Any other light color:  yellow, light green, peach, light pink.  Little did I know this would be such a hard step to follow.  There were about four students sharing a table and caddy of crayons, so they needed to share their table’s supply amongst themselves.  Once I told them to find their crayon, this is what I heard.


“Um, we don’t have a white crayon.”

“Okay.  You don’t need one right now.”

“My favorite color is purple, so I’m using that.”

“Is purple a light color–something closer to white than black?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Okay.  Pick another color…yellow, light green, peach, or light pink.”

“What about dark blue?”

“What about it?”

“Aaaammmmyyy!  Our table doesn’t have light green!”

“Okay.  Do you have one of the other colors?”


“So….the problem is….?”

“We don’t have any of the colors you told us to use.  Can I use green instead?”

I look in the caddy.  All the colors are there.  I pass one to each child.


Once the color situation was mostly resolved we moved on.  I told them to draw the first letter of their first name on their paper.  Then I explained how they could add the “dragon scales” to one side of the letter to make it look a little more fancy.  “If you understand what to do, you may begin.”  Then things took an awkward turn.


“Uh, Amy…I did mine this way.”  Dark purple crayon is on the paper.  The teacher swoops in, asking why she used that crayon when only moments before, we’d given her a peach color to use.  Paper is flipped, crisis averted.


While half the students are still working, the other half has finished and are now leaving their seats one by one and coming to my side {as I’m trying to help someone with a legit question} to tell me they’ve finished.  Meanwhile, one little guy comes up and says,


“Well…I did an A.”

“Okay.  That’s good.  We’ll move on in just a second.”

“My name doesn’t start with an A.  I did it because that’s what you said you were doing.”


A whole table–who was pretty chatty during instruction time–all drew the letter A, as in Amy, instead of their own letters.  Untape, flip, retape.


Next direction.  Trace your letter using that same color, or a white crayon.  Go over it at least eight times.  Make your marks nice and heavy, we want lots of wax on the paper.


This part went pretty smoothly…with the exception of a few who finished in about 60 seconds and immediately came to tell me that they were done.  I just told them to keep tracing.  When everyone seemed to have their letter traced enough times–one kid told me he traced his 38 times–we moved on to the paint portion of the class.


Paint is always scary to me, but these guys did great.  Even the one who used so much that it was as much on the table as on the paper {see top middle photo above…}  My very favorite part was hearing them gasp and get excited when their letter appeared after repelling the water color.  “Its. Working!”  I love when they think they’ve made something really cool.  I love it when they are proud of their work.


All in all a good class, all in all, great work.  I really love doing these sessions in the schools.  Despite the weird questions and the faulty listening and the short attention spans, I really do think they try their best.  And…Boy, oh, boy do they make me laugh.

Isabella | Newborn Sneak Peek

lace collageIt’s been a bit since I wrote something new…and I cannot think of anything better to share with you after being away than this precious newborn session.  You may remember the Burnsides from their winter maternity session taken before Christmas.  This is their daughter, Isabella.  She is beautiful and perfect.  I had a great time taking her very first portraits last week.  There are lots of things I love about shooting newborns, but in this case my absolute favorite part was listening to her parents pin point whose eyes, nose, fingers and spine {yes, spine} she has.  I think she’s a fabulous blend of both mommy and daddy and I am just so very happy for this new family.


I hope you enjoy this little peek of her session.  All the photos are sweet, but I especially adore the series of lace newborn photos above!  What’s your favorite?

newborn photos minot, ND

newborn crocheted crown

newborn crocheted crownThe Burnsides have some very craft friends…who created some adorable pieces for her to wear during her session.  I especially love this crocheted crown.  I’m a fan of headbands, bows and flowers…but this headpiece takes the cake in my opinion.  So cute!


minnie mouse newborn

The same crafty friend also created this fabulous Minnie Mouse set for her.  Eek!!  I think I let out an audible squeal of delight when they showed it to me.  Her head is still too small for her custom Minnie Mouse ears, but I don’t think that makes this any less amazing.  I like that she is a Disney fan right from the start!


Burnside, family–I had an awesome time with you.  Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these precious first portraits of your precious little girl!  Your photos are almost done and your flash drive will be in the mail on Friday.


For the rest of you–I’ll be starting a new project tomorrow…so be sure to come back.  It sure has been a while since I did a furniture redo {hint hint}.


Special Delivery

KST Delivery

In addition to writing to you about Katie’s Singing Telegrams last week {post here}…I also had the big-time fun of joining her on a couple of Valentine’s deliveries.  Like I said, she’s my friend.  As my friend, I want her to have good photos.  And…if I’m being totally honest, I also really enjoyed watching her sing to strangers in a gorilla mask.


One delivery I tagged along for was at a local elementary school.  The recipient works in the after school care program.


Upon entering the school in full Valentine-Gorilla garb, Katie immediately attracted attention.  Kids were so curious about who she was and why she was in their school.  One little girl turned to a friend and said, “Look, it’s a monster!”




We found the target lucky guy in the cafeteria.  He too, didn’t know what to make of this crazy gorilla.  When she started strumming the ukelele and told him it was a “special delivery” just for him, he was pretty stunned.  {See photo above.}  He even stepped out and into the hallway…where he was followed by a singing gorilla, a co-worker, photographer, and hoard of kids.  After the initial shock wore off, he was a great sport.  The kids, while still a little confused really enjoyed it too.  And I had a good laugh for quite some time, even after we left.


Seeing Katie in action was super fun.  Now I’m really racking my brain to come up with someone to send a telegram to.  So, if we are friends in real life–you and me–you’ve been warned.  Someone in my circle will be getting a song in the coming months.  It’s just so much fun!

Color Wheelies | Artists In The Schools

color wheel art project

Today I did Art in the Schools with a second grade class.  I have had lots of requests for Classroom Canvases…which I love doing, but it’s fun to do other things too.  This color wheel session is one of my favorites because it teaches basic color theory–which totally makes me geek out.


Inspiration for this session originally came from this post on a blog that I really love.  She has lots of great art inspiration for classes of all ages.


I started by explaining the color wheel.  I was so impressed by this class.  They were so well behaved and such good listeners.  I made a diagram to illustrate the lesson.  It’s just on poster board, and colored with crayons.  We discussed the diagram, working from the inside out.  At the center are the three primary colors.  Next, along their edges, are the secondary colors–what you get if you mix those two primary colors together.  The outer edge includes, primary, secondary and tertiary colors {those between primary and secondary colors.}


Most importantly, I explained the concept of analogous colors–those that are similar and sit next to one another on the color wheel.  The black lines on the diagram  link up the analogous colors of a secondary color wheel.

color wheel art project

For our project I had kids trace circles {which they claimed was cheating–gasp!} on a sheet of water color paper, overlapping at the edges.  Then, using water color paint, they filled their circles in using analogous colors.  Here’s the gist.  You can start with any color you like.  Paint the entire circle.  Then move on to a circle it overlaps.  This circle must be painted with an analogous color–blending the paint where the two overlap, to reveal a tertiary color.  Keep going until they are all filled in.  It takes a little planning so that you don’t get stuck with a circle that cannot be matched–but this class had no problems with it.  The diagram really helped those who got stuck.  I just referred them back to the wheel when they were unsure of what color to use next–just follow the black line to see the two choices.


I emphasized that analogous colors are those that blend well together.  They are colors we naturally want to mix.  That colors from one primary to the next will blend together well…but if you go further the colors become complimentary and begin to cancel each other out if they are blended.  I don’t think that concept stuck with everyone at first, but once they started painting I pointed out that their water reflected what happens when  competing colors are mixed–you end up with brown or gray.  I overheard one girl tell her desk mate that it looked like sewer water.  {I’ve never seen sewer water, but I think it’s a pretty good visual.}


After doing this project I realized that it could also be done just using primary colors–creating a secondary color in the overlap.  Maybe I’ll try that next time.  At any rate, this was one of the best classes I’ve taught, and I really feel like they learned something.  What a fine way to wrap up the week.



The Stove



I got this beautiful new stove.  They brought it to me today.  I snapped this photo so soon after they dropped it off that the glass on the door is still foggy from coming in from the cold.  What’s the occasion?  Why the fancy new appliance?  Well….


Let’s go back to January 1st.  Derek and I are preparing our final meal at home before leaving on our giant road trip.  It was going to be fabulous:  Biscuits and gravy.  I had the gravy going on the stove and the biscuits were mixed, rolled out and waiting to be baked.  The oven gave out a beep-beep-beep, signaling it had preheated.  I opened the door to put the biscuits in to bake.


The oven door was only open for a half-second before I let out a squeaky shriek and let the door slam close again with a stress filled.


Inside the oven sparks were flying.  Like a tiny welder had set up camp on the floor of the oven and was creating a masterpiece. Sparks like the kind that come off sparklers in the summer.  At the base of the sparks, a tiny, orange-white flame.  The oven was on fire.


I tried to explain what had happened when Derek looked at me, confused as to why I’d made that weird sound and why the pan of biscuits was sitting on top of the stove instead of in the oven…but all that came out was incoherent shock-talk.  You know, “It’s…fire.”  “I don’t know wha–”  “It–just–I–there a fire in there.”  Enough of the babbling wife, he opened the door again and we both took another look.  The second look didn’t last much longer than the first.  It was smoky and the light was so bright.


We turned the oven off and switched the burners off too.  Then it hit me.  If it looked like a tiny welder, then couldn’t that light blind us?!  Immediately I started seeing spots in my vision.  Derek, always calm, said it was because I’d just looked at a bright light.  Yes, I said…but what if it was too bright?  What if it’s like looking at an eclipse?  Like the little girl my fifth grade teacher told me about, who looked at the eclipse and was blind by the time her mother called her downstairs for dinner.  What if we are both going blind?  Derek–your eyes are your life!


After that rant, I realized we probably weren’t going blind.  I was just upset that there was a fire in the oven.  For the record, my vision is fine now.


With the stove off {luckily the gravy had just finished as well} we decided it would be best if Derek ran to the store to pick up biscuits–since we wouldn’t be cooking any of our own.


While he was gone I stirred up the gravy and got it off of the stove.  I did a few dishes, put a few things away.  But then I turned around and saw a curl of black smoke sneaking out of the oven door.  Curious, and determined not to look directly at the flame again {just in case} I opened the door.  It didn’t take long to realize the flame had grown and there was a full on fire in the oven now.  I call Derek.  All of a sudden, I feel like I’m standing in the kitchen with a bomb.  Like the oven will explode at any second.  He tells me to keep an eye on it, to get the fire extinguisher out from under the sink–just in case.


Okay.  I can do that.  I get under the sink and release the fire extinguisher from is perch.  Should it look this vintage? I think.  Once I pulled it out and stood up I took a better look.  Yes, it did look old–but maybe that’s just how it looks…after safety doesn’t need to be cutting-edge-cool.  Then, on the front of the cylinder I spot the warning:  Inspect monthly.  Recharge if pressure is below range…Then, I see the date of issue:  1981.  This fire extinguisher was made before I was born and who knows the last time it was charged, the indicator is deep in the “Recharge” section of the pie chart.


Just as I’m about to panic again–because I’ve got an explosive oven and a fire extinguisher that probably won’t be of any use to me–my phone rings.  It’s Derek.  “Unplug the whole thing, ” he says.  I’m not sure why two highly educated adults didn’t think of that in the first place.  Maybe because the plug is in the floor behind the oven and you have to roll it away from the wall to see it–out of sight, out of mind and all that bit.  Or maybe it was because I was so freaked out.  Either way, we hadn’t thought about it.  I hung up the phone and went back to the kitchen.  The top of the oven was hot as I pulled it away from the wall.  Once I could see the plug, I dreaded having to go back and unplug it.  It meant having to get down on my hands and knees on the floor in the space between oven and wall.  A very vulnerable place to be when you are somewhat convinced the machine could blow up.  {Irrational, I know.}


But, I’m one to face fears.  So I did it.  And the flames died down. And I didn’t have to use the fire extinguisher.  And we learned a valuable lesson–you really should check your fire extinguisher and keep it up to date.


One good thing that came out of all of this is that I got a brand new stove.  It’s beautiful and they brought it to me today.  {I really procrastinated on buying another one after the road trip.}  It’s got a giant oven, a flat stove top and I got it at major discount because it was a floor model at Menard’s.  And now that I’ve got a working oven again…my only question is, “What should I make for dinner?”



PS–Seriously, check your extinguisher!



Katie’s Singing Telegrams {your best Valentine ever}


you might not know too much about singing telegrams.  Maybe you are picturing something late and outdated.  So let me clear the air here.  Kaite’s Singing Telegrams is different than what you might imagine.  It’s fresh, funky and fun.


We talk about a lot of awesome things here.  Am I right?  Projects, books, faith, awesome photo sessions, cool designs…lots and lots of awesome things make their way across these pages.  But today I’m going to tell you about one of my most favorite awesome things I’ve come across lately:  Katie’s Singing Telegrams.


Total disclosure:  Katie is my real life friend.  She is awesome.  But even if she wasn’t…I’d still probably be telling you about KST, because it’s really that great.


Now, you might be thinking that you should stop reading–because you aren’t into the whole singing telegram thing.  But please, read on.  Maybe, just maybe I can make a believer out of you yet.  First, let’s meet Katie.  I could tell you all about her…but the bio on her site pretty much says it all.


Katie has loved singing,  making music and making people smile most of her life. She has spent the last ten years writing songs and making music with some of her favorite people. Katie and her husband moved up to the lovely land of Minot, ND the summer of 2013 and have absolutely loved getting to know the fantastic people up here. It wasn’t until May 0f 2014 that Katie began thinking of a Singing Telegram Business.

After searching relentlessly for a company to send a singing telegram to a family member for his birthday, Katie was discouraged at the high priced telegrams-reluctantly opting to send him a cookie bouquet instead. It was at this time that Katie and her husband began wondering if there was any sort of affordable Singing Telegram Business in Minot. Failing to find anything, they knew the moment had come for them to offer something to this Magic City- something that had brought both of them a ridiculous amount of joy and laughter.

Both Katie and her husband have full time jobs working with youth and their families. Seeing day to day how discouraging and challenging life can be, Katie cannot wait to spread a little joy combined with ridiculous-ness and music to those around her! YOU are invited to experience some of this joy in the form of a character of your choice, a ukulele or mandolin, a mug with treats and your own personalized song- what better way to spread some laughter and joy than having one of your favorite people be serenaded with songs and smiles!


Over coffee yesterday she told me that most affordable telegram she could find while trying to send one to her brother in law was over $100.  At the end of the search she decided a fun memory wasn’t worth that much money…that he’d probably rather just have the $100 than a stranger in costume singing him a song.  When she told me she was going to open her own singing telegram operation I declared her to be Minot’s Premiere Singing Telegram provider. 


If you are like me…you might not know too much about singing telegrams.  Maybe you are picturing something late and outdated.  So let me clear the air here.  Kaite’s Singing Telegrams is different than what you might imagine.  It’s fresh, funky and fun.  Even her website, designed by yours truly…looks fresh.  It’s chock full of fun graphics and fresh-feeling pages that will make you love ordering from her boutique site.

katie's singing telegrams

Buying a telegram from Katie gets you a lot of bang for your buck.  Katie will deliver a custom song to the recipient of your choice, at the location of your choice {work is usually a good place, but she can surprise them in any public space}, the recipient will get a framed copy of their song’s lyrics, and an adorable coffee mug filled with chocolates.  Valentine’s Day deliveries also include a single rose, thanks to a blooming {pun intended} partnership with The Flower Box.  All for $35!  That’s less than a bouquet of flowers!!


My favorite part of KST is the songs.  Katie has told me that she enjoys writing songs that are not “overly serious.”  You’ll hear that in every line of her songs.  Most are laid back originals that combine fun lyrics and a coffee house sound that I find to be charming and them some.  Oh, and did I mention she accompanies herself with a ukelele.  Yep!  I think it’s one of her biggest selling points.  Listen to all her songs here. 


Now, if you are sitting at home starting to become a telegram believer…but are feeling a little bummed because you don’t live in Minot–don’t fret.  {That’s another music pun.  I’m two for two.}  In addition to traditional deliveries…


Katie also offers videograms.  She’ll customize a song, record it and send it to the person of your choice.  It’s only $15!  That’s a steal.



If you need a few more reasons to book your singing telegram…try one of these on for size.


**It’s super convenient.  Just order online at her super-cute website and she’ll do all the leg work.


**It’s affordable.  A gift they’ll never forget for less than a flower delivery.  Katie warns that it can be awkward…but awkward or not–it’s always memorable.


**Your song can be delivered by Katie wearing a gorilla costume.  I’m serious.


**A  customized song is a unique gift, created just for them.


**It’s laid back, easy to do and completely fun.



In her own words, “I really do like to see people smile.”  She is sincere.  She writes songs and delivers them because she likes to spread a little fun and joy.  Her very first delivery was to a teenager being treated at the local cancer center.  Since then she’s sent videograms to multiple states and even one to a music teacher in a local school.


She loves learning the stories behind the songs she writes–especially at Valentine’s Day.  Each one is special and unique.  So whether you are looking for a special Valentine to send to someone you love in a romantic-mushy way–or just someone you love: a parent, child, bestie, or sibling–look no further than Katie’s Singing Telegrams:  Minot’s premeire singing telegram provider.


Check out her website for more details.  Like her Facebook page.  Order Valentine-grams through Saturday morning!!  {For all the procrastinators out there.}  I pinky promise they’ll  never forget it.





Carter is ONE! | 12 month portraits

12 month portraits

A couple weeks back I got to hang out with this guy.  Color me lucky, because even though I possess the super power of putting him on the verge of tears with a simple look {forget any physical contact!} he still stole my heart.  Maybe it’s that whole hard-to-get thing that draws me in.  So, while I wasn’t his favorite person in the world {or maybe it was just the camera that made him wary} I still had a blast.  There is something classically comical about a child who starts fussing every time the camera goes up to the face.  His antics generated some pretty good laughs for me and his daddy who accompanied him to his portrait session.


At the end of it all–the grumpy, the fussy, a few rounds of  “You are my sunshine,” and a few other songs sung by his dad–we ended up with some pretty good stuff.  Honestly, every smile and every expression was worth the work.  So, without further delay, here are some highlights from Carter’s 12 month photo session.

carter chalkboard collage

12 month portraits

12 month portraits

Happiest of birthdays {belated…} to Carter!  I hope this year is filled with lots of walking, running and all the pickles, oranges and raisins your tummy can stomach!  {Or at least as many as your parents will allow.}





Welcome Home | Military Homecoming

Hayes was born while his daddy was deployed.  {you might recognize him from his Christmas photos…}And last week–I had the very high honor of being at the airport to capture the moment Daddy came home.  A moment that marked the first time this family has ever been together.  It neared 10:30 at night.  His stroller sported a sign that read “I’ve waited my whole life to meet my daddy.”  His mommy held him tight while they waited together, watching passengers come out of the gate area back to the lobby of Practically Canada’s tiny air port.  You know I love homecomings…but this one was especially sweet.


That moment when they caught sight of each other?  Pure magic.





The instant they reunited and Hayes was held by his dad for the first time ever?  Amazing.





It was a monumental night.  I’m so very happy for this precious family.  So, excited for them to all be together for the first time.  So grateful that they trusted me to capture the art of this moment.  I’m deeply honored.


Welcome home.


xo –Amy

Mr. & Mrs. Skinner

Remember that crazy long road trip we took earlier in the month?  Well…a major reason for taking it was to get to this amazing wedding.  Why, so amazing?  Let me tell you.  First of all, it was held in Louisiana…so I worked all day with no jacket–despite the fact that it was January.  Second, the event was beautifully coordinated by the Girls in Black.  But, thirdly and most importantly…it was amazing because it was the wedding of one of our dearest friends:  Jon Skinner.


In this lifestyle it is very rare that we can attend these major life events.  So the fact that we got to attend and they honored me by asking that I do the photography was huge.  Jon has been a part of our lives since Derek’s first pilot training base.  I hope he remains in our lives forever and ever.  And now, knowing Jon comes with a bonus:  Gwen.  She’s fun and bubbly and gorgeous.  I am thrilled for this couple and just so happy to know them.


Okay…but enough chit chat.  The moment we’ve all been waiting for…Jon and Gwen.

Skinner bridal prep

Skinner bridal prepI love snapping a photo of the bride when she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror–all prettied up for the big event.Skinner ringSkinner dressThis just might be my favorite photo of the whole day.  I think it sums up what every bride wants in a maid of honor…heck, I think it sums best friendship in a nutshell.  Only a bestie would remind you of deodorant, apply it, look adorable doing it, and make you laugh in the process.  Skinner first lookI always love the daddy first look, don’t you?  But–can it compete with the reaction of a groom when he first lays eyes on his bride?  {It’s a toss up.}Skinner first lookSkinner first look

Skinner first look

Skinner first lookSkinner first lookskinner bridalSkinner first lookskinner bridesmaidsskinner groomsmenskinner bridal partyCan we all just take a moment to appreciate the excitement of a certain groomsman in this image?  skinner weddingskinner weddingfirst dancefamily dancingskinner cakecakeskinner cakedancingtosskissfamilyexitIt really was a day for the books.  Have I mentioned how much I like these people?!  Congratulations on your wedding–it was gorgeous {and now you have photos to prove it.}  I loved capturing this wedding so much, I’ll be posting more from this day on Facebook in the coming days…but I want the couple to get their flash drives first–so they can enjoy them in private before I show all of them off to the world!Thank you again for letting me capture these moments for you.  I cannot wait until our paths cross again {and I’ll cross my fingers that that crossing takes place at Harry Potter World…deal?}xoAmy

Praying for Trials

image via


Last night I attended a weekly prayer meeting at church.  To say that I’m glad I went would be an understatement.  There are a million reasons why I loved it so much.  And I’ve written and rewritten this post, trying to include them all.  But, I can’t seem to make it work in a readable, well-written way.


Instead, I’ll isolate one thing.  I’ll boil it down even further.  I’ll isolate one prayer.  Perhaps the boldest, more earnest prayer I’ve ever heard.  Its brilliant in it’s simplicity and powerful in its meaning.  It went something like this:


Lord, I pray that if trials will bring us closer to you, that you’d place them in our paths.




Often we pray that trials would be taken away from us, avoided.  But this woman–who I deeply admire, who is wise in the ways of the Lord, who is facing trials in her own life–has the understanding to pray the opposite.  That if the most effective way for us to be closer to God includes a trial…that that is what we shall have.


The ways of God are often counter intuitive to the norms of the world.  Maybe our prayers should be a little more counter intuitive as well.  Our deepest desires should be to love and honor God, to know Him, and to share His salvation with others.  If hard times will help us realize those desires, we should welcome them.


That’s hard to say.  It’s hard to accept.  It’s hard to grasp.  It’s even hard to type.


James puts it this way.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. –James 1:2-3


I’m not saying that we should all start crying out to God, requesting catastrophe and heart ache.  I’m not suggesting we stop calling on the Lord to lighten our trials and burdens.  What I am hoping, for my own life as well as yours, is that 2015 would be a year of great growth.  That this would be a season in which our eyes would lock with Christ’s.  That we would pursue the Lord so hard and so willingly that we embrace trials–trusting that they will yield a harvest of testimony and closeness to God.AmyPS–You should go to a prayer meeting sometime.  It just might rock your world.




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