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If you’ve ever felt confused about life; like life is an art form that you can’t quite master…this is the perfect place for you.  Let’s learn from each other, let’s get inspired, let’s try new things.

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Well, hello there!

Hi.  I’m Amy.  I’m into writing stories, drawing inspiration from every day occurrences, learning new skills, and learning from the lives of others.  Thanks for coming by.  Get comfortable and stay a while.


The Art of the Moment

Photography should be timeless…the kind of thing you’ll be proud to hang on your wall for years to come.  Portraits from your session will capture life just as it is.  That’s the art of the moment.

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The Art of Design

The Art of Design is all about creating something that showcases your brand, event, cause…just how you envisioned it.  Let me create something fresh and modern for you to print out and share. 

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I’m On The Move

Amy Allender and The Art of Living are on the move.  I’ve been living in limbo for many months now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ve officially moved out of Minot, ND and will be relocating to beautiful Rapid City, SD in the fall.  Until then I’ll be blogging and sweating in New Mexico.

It's better together.

If you feel like you haven’t quite mastered the art of living, you aren’t alone.  Like the page, get involved, be uplifted, and never miss a thing.

Okay, so I like cats.  No big deal.  We can still be friends.

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Fresh, inspiring content five days a week.  You’ll find stories of projects, misadventures, inspiring people, and devotionals inspired by real life…applicable to real life.

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My skills net is pretty wide, and always growing.  Be on the lookout for new services for hire coming soon.  {Photobooths, home improvement help…}  In the meantime…check out the services I currently offer.

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Look around.  Get inspired by projects, before & afters, devotionals, travel ideas, and so much more.  I work hard to find and share bright ideas that you’ll find useful.

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Everyone loves a good bargain.  I like providing high quality services that fit in the budget.  You’ll find the pricing for my graphic design and photography, and video services pleasingly affordable.

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