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Take your understanding of Scripture to a new (more awesome) level by upping your Bible reading strategy, exploring the history, culture, politics, traditions and context surrounding passages and the people and places who play key roles. It’s super interesting and you just might become addicted to Bible study. Here are posts and articles dedicated to Bible reading, history and context to get you on the road to full-fledged Bible geekery.

How We Memorized Colossians

Thanks to everyone who gave positive feedback about our latest adventure:  Memorizing the entire book of Colossians.  I've had several inquiries about how we actually did it...what it looked like day-to-day.  So instead of emailing each of you individually I thought...

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Colossians Complete

To me, there really isn't anything sweeter than an accomplished goal.  Dreaming big is fun.  But imaginings are much sweeter when they come to fruition.  I've got some far out goals that are a loooong way from being reached, so in the mean time, I'll savor every...

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Grace & Peace

image via As I've been memorizing Colossians there have been a few verses that have really stood out to me.  Tonight I want to tell you about one that has haunted me {in a good way, not a weird-creepy way} for weeks now.   It's Colossians 1:2. To God’s holy...

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{image via} Remember when I told you I was going to memorize the book of Colossians?  I'm happy to report that I'm still going strong.  And Derek is too.  I think everything is more fun if we do it together.  This included.  Especially since there have been days when...

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A Whole Book

image via I know I mentioned before that this is the Summer of Yes.  At the time it was declared, back in the beginning of June, I was feeling like that was a great idea.  I couldn't wait to see what I could say "yes" to.   Then I had surgery.  And the yeses in...

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Blue Letter

I learned about an amazing Bible study resource a few weeks ago at my Bible study.  When I learn amazing, applicable things I like to share them with you.  This one is good...and I apologize for taking so very long to get it up on the blog for you.   I'm guessing...

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A Line With No End

Sometimes there isn't a whole lot to say.  Sometimes a profound and mind-blowing thought will just wander its way into your head.  There's no solving it, or changing it, or unthinking it. Last night I had one of those thoughts. It came to me while doing our nightly...

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Give to Caesar…

Some of you may know that I work with the high school youth group at our church here in Minot.  I love it.  For a lot of reasons.  It's such an exciting time in life, the kids are fun, they keep me current, they know how to do adorable things with their hair and wear...

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Getting More From Your Daily Word: 5 Tips

I'm a fan of daily Bible study.  Now...before you go judging me for being some kind of prude, let me assure you that I'm not perfect by any means.  Just because I ready the Word daily, doesn't mean I know it by heart or that my Walk is without struggles. I've talked...

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