My how I’ve missed you.  Let’s see…all kinds of things have gone on here since we last caught up.  There was a Thanksgiving miracle–which I’ll tell you about in a couple days because I need a few extra photos.  I went to Indiana for a wedding.  I got trapped in a 5-alarm Chicago snow storm, which lead to a long night in the O’Hare Airport and a 24 hour commute back to Practically Canada.  Whilst stuck en route my throat began feeling like it had been rubbed down with sand paper.  Once I made it back home I was fully sick and the PraCan air welcomed me with a cozy -3 degrees {F}.  That was nothing compared to this morning’s -18.  So yes, I’m back and I’m diving into the jolliness of the holidays head first.  Well, DayQuil first, but I’ll be there as soon as my nose lets me breathe again.


But I’m getting off topic.  Let’s kick the Amy Allender Christmas Season with a look at my favorite shots from all of my chalkboard mini sessions.  Golly that was a good investment of time and energy.  It totally worked over time and I had a blast taking all these Christmas photos for so many precious families!  Tonight I’m sharing my absolute favorite shot from each session.  {Seriously, have you seen cuter kids??}  Take a look.

Chalkboard Christmas Sessions

{Recognize that last name?  Yep, that adorable couple is my mom and dad.}

And if you thought I wasn’t using this for our Christmas card…you were sorely mistaken.  Of course we posed for a few in front of the “wall.”

Have a jolly night.  See you tomorrow.


PS–It wouldn’t be the Christmas season without a few melt downs from these cute kids.  I had one cry when her daddy did a Santa impression.  Another took a tumble off one of the props.  Another was throwing poinsettias.  Of all those moments the only one I caught on camera was this melt-down-moment.  Classic.


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