Pottery Barn Knock Off Wreath

You know what’s pretty?  Pottery Barn stuff.  All of it.  Every season.  Every stinking item in the catalog.

You know what I can’t afford?  Pottery Barn stuff.  Any of it.  Any stinking item in the catalog.

But I really want a pretty PB house.  I’ve started a board on Pinterest of things I think I can recreate.  I’ve started frequenting this amazing site called Copy Cat Crafts.  It’s chock full of knock off tutorials.

That’s where I got the inspiration for this wreath.  I think it just may be the prettiest wreath I’ve ever made.  {And I’ve made a lot of wreaths.  Two which were awarded Grand Champion at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair.}  Doesn’t it look sharp on the piano?  Don’t mind those roughed up keys…It adds to the primitive look.

This is the tutorial that inspired this project.  I followed pretty closely, but here is the process I used.

I bought:

1 Wire floral wreath form | A tiny can of silver spray paint | A stack of silver snowflake ornaments {they came in a tube} | An assortment of pretty glittery/silver snowflake ornaments

I used about 15 ornaments total for my 14″ wreath.  You may want a few more.  I did all my shopping at Hobby Lobby.  But Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree are known to have good sparkly ornaments too!  This is one project where a little gaudy can still look classy.  The key is to stick with one color {like silver} and motif {the snowflakes.}

Here is what I did:

1.  Spray paint a wire wreath form silver.

2. Snip off tags and hooks from ornaments.

Pottery Barn Knockoff Snowflake wreath

3.  Arrange them on the form.

Making a Pottery Barn Knock Off Wreath

4.  Hot glue them in place.

Pottery Barn Knockoff Snowflake wreath

Done.  It is so easy…I just couldn’t even believe it.  I think it’s a classy wreath.  Like snowflakes each one will turn out unique.  And I plan to hang it the day after Thanksgiving until January 31.

Pottery Barn Wreath Knockoff Close Up

Pottery Barn Wreath Knockoff

While it is super pretty, I don’t think I’d recommend hanging it outdoors.  I think the elements may be a bit too harsh for this dainty project.

The best part?  The PB wreath retailed at $70.  Mine cost $15!  Yeah baby.  That’s what I like.  Thank you Copy Cat Crafts for being so inspiring!

Happy crafting.  And remember, friends don’t let friends craft alone.



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