I’ve only done Friday confessions one other time.  But today…after the week I’ve had, I really thought it would be good to get some of these things off my chest.  Won’t you join me as I reveal my inner most thoughts?

1.  When the stair project was over I had watched two full seasons of Pretty Little Liars.  This week I found the other 13 episodes from season 3 and marathoned them over a 4 day period.

2.  I was dog sitting and the dog ate 85 pieces of Halloween candy when I went to the gym.

3.  Said dog pooped out a log of kit-kat wrappers two days later.  Too much info?

4.  I’ve basically stopped drinking water and instead drink only hot tea these days.

5.  There was that day when I couldn’t button my shirt.

6.  I didn’t mail my absentee ballot in time.  My vote didn’t count in the swing state of Florida…but I did voice my opinion up here…where we earn a whopping 3 electoral votes.

7.  I voted for Heidi Heitkamp on the basis that I so hated the anti-Heitkamp commercials produced from Rick Berg’s camp.  {And besides…he’s gone Washington.  If you don’t live in Practically Canada, you probably don’t understand.}

8.  While we are talking about voting, I might as well mention that I didn’t realize there was a backside to the ballot.

9.  I went to a progressive dinner where I volunteered to bring baguettes.  I brought day old’s from Jimmy Johns.

10.  I put my leftover Halloween candy {that the dog didn’t eat} in a cornucopia and called it a Thanksgiving candy-copia.

11.  The man who came by to give me an estimate on furniture repair revealed his real passion is clowning….how do you respond to that?

12.  Last night I unpacked {kind of} my necklace collection.  For the first time.  Since July 2011.

13.  I spilled red Kool-Ade down the front of my shirt and jeans at a baby shower.  Like a whole cup full.

14.  I taught Trim and Tone last night.  Today, I’m having a hard time walking.  {Who says instructors don’t get sore?}

15.  I heard Mariah Carey sing “All I Want For Christmas is You,” when I was at K-Mart.  Inside I wanted to hate them for playing it so early…but I sang along under my breath and deep down really liked it.

Geesh I feel better.  What do you need to get off your chest?