Friday Confessions {from my awkward week}

I’ve only done Friday confessions one other time.  But today…after the week I’ve had, I really thought it would be good to get some of these things off my chest.  Won’t you join me as I reveal my inner most thoughts?

1.  When the stair project was over I had watched two full seasons of Pretty Little Liars.  This week I found the other 13 episodes from season 3 and marathoned them over a 4 day period.

2.  I was dog sitting and the dog ate 85 pieces of Halloween candy when I went to the gym.

3.  Said dog pooped out a log of kit-kat wrappers two days later.  Too much info?

4.  I’ve basically stopped drinking water and instead drink only hot tea these days.

5.  There was that day when I couldn’t button my shirt.

6.  I didn’t mail my absentee ballot in time.  My vote didn’t count in the swing state of Florida…but I did voice my opinion up here…where we earn a whopping 3 electoral votes.

7.  I voted for Heidi Heitkamp on the basis that I so hated the anti-Heitkamp commercials produced from Rick Berg’s camp.  {And besides…he’s gone Washington.  If you don’t live in Practically Canada, you probably don’t understand.}

8.  While we are talking about voting, I might as well mention that I didn’t realize there was a backside to the ballot.

9.  I went to a progressive dinner where I volunteered to bring baguettes.  I brought day old’s from Jimmy Johns.

10.  I put my leftover Halloween candy {that the dog didn’t eat} in a cornucopia and called it a Thanksgiving candy-copia.

11.  The man who came by to give me an estimate on furniture repair revealed his real passion is clowning….how do you respond to that?

12.  Last night I unpacked {kind of} my necklace collection.  For the first time.  Since July 2011.

13.  I spilled red Kool-Ade down the front of my shirt and jeans at a baby shower.  Like a whole cup full.

14.  I taught Trim and Tone last night.  Today, I’m having a hard time walking.  {Who says instructors don’t get sore?}

15.  I heard Mariah Carey sing “All I Want For Christmas is You,” when I was at K-Mart.  Inside I wanted to hate them for playing it so early…but I sang along under my breath and deep down really liked it.

Geesh I feel better.  What do you need to get off your chest?

4 comments on “Friday Confessions {from my awkward week}

  1. 13 episodes over 4 days? Why such restraint? I found How I Met Your Mother I watched 6 seasons in a month.

    Friday Confessions
    1. I’m glad you posted, A&A is linked to my phone and I check multiple times a day, even if it means I read the last post 6 times a day.
    2. My lunch was a nutritious apple. That happened to be leftover from making a pie. Hence it was rolled in cinnamon and sugar.
    3. Said leftover pie will be breakfast tomorrow.
    4. Part of my laundry still remains not put away, from last week. And it’s time to wash again.
    5. I spent the week putting off homework.
    6. I’m watching episodes of The Nanny I’ve seen at least 5 times rather than go to bed. Even though I can barely stay awake.

    • Bahaha! I’ve done dessert as breakfast myself…and I too have made myself stay awake to do silly {play countless games of Scramble with Friends, when I can barely keep my eyes open} things.

  2. Hilarous! I think you and I would really be friends if we lived closer. My week involved raccoon poop, dead people, and dumpsters.

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