Okay.  Admittedly I’ve been more miss than hit this week.  But, there hasn’t been a lot of time for borrowing a computer to post on lately.  I’ve been more busy experiencing life as a local {kind of}, being a tourist and catching up with two of my besties.

But here’s a quick over view of what’s been eating up my time.

We ate this fancy ice cream made in front of our eyes with liquid nitrogen.  {Like gourmet Rocket Science…}

Visited a classy hotel that looks like a mission.  Then we snuck upstairs to “guest only” quarters to see the views.

We ate a golden velvet cupcake from Casey’s Cupcakes…winner of Cupcake Wars.  It is literally dusted with 24k gold.  Yeah, not making that up.

We saw the Griffith Observatory…but it was closed.

Went to a mall with a legit puppy store.  Pure bred puppies living the high life.  The cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  What?  you want to touch one?  That’s fine…just ask them at the counter, tell them which one.  Then cuddle.  It was amazing.

We ate blue velvet cake from Aroma Cafe in LA.  It’s a local treasure frequented by celebs.  No big deal.

Saw the hand prints outside that Chinese Theatre.  I learned that John Wayne’s feet were the same size as mine.

Learned where TV is made.  This is the CBS lot where Tyler works on Parks and Rec.

I saw where Parks & Rec is made.  This is Ty’s desk.  The writers are down the hall.  We saw the whole cast.  Working.  Up close.  Standing about 3 feet away.  Was I starstruck?  Most definitely.  I just tried not to make eye contact.  No photos there though…that’s not allowed.

I practically met Li’l Sebastian.

All in all it’s a good trip.  Today we are going to Sea World…among other awesome things.  I miss you, and I promise I’ll tell you more interesting things in the coming days.

Have a good one.  Make today an adventure…even if you aren’t on vacation.



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