What Lies Beneath

Nope.  I’m not talking about that classic Jodie Foster flick from the early 00’s.

I’m talking about what lies beneath all of the surfaces in my house.  In preparation to paint the living room and dining room I needed to do a little removal.  Which led to quite a few unsightly discoveries.

All clues about the history of my home.  The transitions it’s gone through.  The fads and trends that have graced its walls.  On second thought, I don’t know if “graced” is the right word for pea green carpet, striped wall paper and thick wood paneling.

As with most home improvement projects, this excavation job began with a simple, “Well, before I paint, I need to remove this chair rail.”  Under the railing…I found

Believe it or not…we are leaving the paneling.  Just adding a little class in the form of white paint and a sweet chair rail.

After this discovery, I moved to the stairs.  You may remember my strong disdain for my carpeting.  In case you don’t…I hate the carpet in my house.  All of it.  It’s in nearly every room, wall to wall shag in a variety of browns.  So to paint the walls, I needed to remove the carpet hanging over the wall.  Starting with this weird furry block.

Once the carpet was off the block, I decided that I needed to pull it off the bottom of the stairs as well.

So I kept pulling.

You know what was under all the brown carpet?  Brown paint.  Once I got to the bottom, it just kind of wrapped around the first tread.

And then I just kept pulling.  Until my stairs were bald.

Along the way I discovered that the wall on the other side of the stairs was papered with brown stripes.  Under the brown paint is mustard yellow.  Under the brown carpet I found remnants of pea green runner.  Woof.

It seems like my house is just begging to be pretty again.  Not trendy pretty, but classic and simple.  I can only imagine what I’ll find next.  As soon as my hands recover from pulling all the staples out of the stairs…


6 comments on “What Lies Beneath

  1. Did the random furry block have an apparent purpose, or was it just a random furry block?

    Your stairs already look happier! I don’t think North Dakota is cold enough for them to need all those layers! They seem to have resembled Kindergartners on the first snow day at Harley Hoben (all bundled with the required layers to be able to go in the snow at recess :) )

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to see the makeover!

  3. Well, you’ve been busy. What you need is a weekend project… Great job on the walls and the stairs. Check out Menards or Lowes for a stair runner and hardware. They could add a period classic look. WA

    • I know, right? I hear that it’s a good technique to do one thing at a time…but that’s never been the Allender Way. So I think I’ll rip up carpet, paint, and try to run a business simultaneously…we’ll see how it goes.

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