Garage Sale Tips & Flyers {and how to make a big image appear on Craigslist!}

So you may have heard me mention my first ever garage sale this weekend.  Up until now, I’ve had no reason to sell anything.  Our house has always had room for our things, it always seemed like we were on the verge of another move.  So I always used the excuse, “Well…maybe we’ll have room for this in the next place.”

But alas…here I am settling in to life in Minot for four years.  In a house that refuses to accommodate all my goods.  So, I’m having an intervention of sorts, before my hoarding collecting gets out of hand.

I’ve read some really great posts from fellow bloggers and done quite a bit of research on the art of the yard sale.  And here on the blog I’ll be having a mini series about the topic.  So be sure to come back tomorrow for a great guest post from estate sale guru:  Amanda Kuzak from Kuzak’s Closet!

But for today I’ll share what I’ve learned.  And I’ll share my yard sale signage and a tip for Craigslisit-ng your sale!

I read two articles that I adored.  One came from Vintage Revivals.  {Which is an amazing blog if you’ve never visited before.}  Author, Mandi stresses the importance of standing out from the crowd.  When there is a yard sale sign on every corner how will you make your signs stand out?  She gives some insight on how she did it.

Here’s what I’m doing.  Minot has two online yard sale Facebook Pages.  So I created some graphics and posted them to those walls.  Then I made a Craigslist ad and included one graphic there.  I’ll update the listing Friday and Saturday leading up to the sale.

Here are my signs.


You can get a blank copy of my signs here:  This is the Gadgets & Gizmos flyer…and this is the Awesome Stuff flyer.

Just download the file, insert it into a Word document and use a text box to fill in your information.  I get my fonts from  The font that the word “awesome” is typed in was downloaded from there.  It’s called “Budmo.

Now that you’ve got a cool flyer, advertise your sale.  Post your flyers on community boards and the all important craigslist!  To make your flyer stand out on Craigslist, post your version of the flyer to a free photo hosting site…like Flikr or Photobucket.  Then use this tiny snippet of code in your ad:  <img src=”put your picture URL link here”>

Simply copy and paste the URL of your image {in this case your flyer} between the quotation marks.  Do this in the screen that you type your text.  Don’t add it as an “image.”  It’s just that easy.

The other article I loved came from Better Homes & Gardens.  If you are planning a sale you should definitely give this one a read too.

I hope these tips were a little bit helpful to you.  Be sure to come back tomorrow and read Amanda’s awesome post!


6 comments on “Garage Sale Tips & Flyers {and how to make a big image appear on Craigslist!}

  1. Amanda on said:

    Gah! The Little Mermaid flyer is super awesome! I got excited just reading it. If AZ was anywhere close to Minot I would come buy your thingamabobs.

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  3. Meena on said:

    What is the name of the typewriter style font you have used in the Awesome stuff flyer?

  4. Alina on said:

    What is the name & where did you get the font in the black letterings on your “Awesome Flyer”?

    • Hi! It’s called American Typewriter Light. I think it just came with my computer {a macbook}…but I get all my downloaded fonts from Happy creating!

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